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    The site rules

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    The site rules

    Post  Misaki Anei on Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:56 am

    Well as you know every good forum has rules that must be followed. These rules are simple.

    1-No hentai or nude pictures are allowed to be used as a character picture.

    2.Be respectful to others. This site wasn't created for you to fight with someone.If you feel the urge to fight, go somewhere else.

    3.bad language should be limited. We don't need to be dropping the F bomb after every other word. We may have other members who are young.

    4.Controlling another members character is forbidden, unless you get their permission. This means no God Mode.

    5.If you are wanting to do a sexual or violent role play with someone please state that in the title of the rp. Same with it being a private rp.

    6.If you have any issues or problems with another member please notify me or another admin.

    7.No banning anyone or spamming either.

    8. Don't discriminate against another member this includes sending rude and inappropriate message to them. Making fun of someone for their sexual orientation, race, gender, or mental disability isn't allowed.

    These are the rules basically simple to follow. Enjoy roleplaying n.n

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