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    Story line and Plot

    Misaki Anei
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    Story line and Plot

    Post  Misaki Anei on Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:39 am

    10 years ago, a man by the name of Aiden Kaouji had been going from village to village, slaughtering the villagers there. He had also been called"The demon with the wicked grin" Because before his victims are mercilessly murdered he grins a grin that could only belong to a man with a wicked soul. He was known as the most feared samurai to ever exist. One winter, He had wondered upon a village. It wasn't long before the snow had been stained with the red sin from Aiden's blade.

    However there was one survivor, a young 9 year old girl. She was shocked and disturbed by the sight of the villagers laying lifeless. After a day she had wandered off to see her grandfather. Begging the 40 year old man to train her. He accepted. Right away the two began training none stop, teaching her how to wield a blade and be quick on her feet. Misaki learned fast, finding hatred in her heart for the demon who brutally murdered her village. When Misaki turned the age of 19 her grandfather handed her the Kaishita. This rare and legendary blade was wanted by millions of men. This blade had also been referred to as the Butterfly Blade since it moves swiftly and quietly through the air.

    Soon after gathering the blade from her grandpa she hurried on her journey to Find Aiden and stop him from harming anyone else. Along the way she meets more interesting characters and befriends many.

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