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    Uncontrollable curiousity

    Misaki Anei
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    Uncontrollable curiousity

    Post  Misaki Anei on Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:30 pm

    Breathing in the fresh scent of cherryblossoms, Misaki had continued her way through the path. It seemed calming here, something that had been fairly new to the woman. Taking in a deep breath, strands of short black hair danced around her face and neck with each passing breeze. The sound of branches swaying had caught her attention and stopped her from continuing her slow pace. Watching for a moment, she would smile just faintly at the light blue skies.

    "Such beauty.."She told herself, wondering how something as simple as the blue skies and Sakura trees could give her a sense of security and happiness. Here was where she belonged, surrounded my nature and such.

    The sound of ruffling leaves behind her, made Misaki's hand immediately go to the hilt of her blade. Turning fiercely those deep brown eyes connected with the soft blue eyes of a young girl. Dropping her hand from her blade she sighed in releif to see it only being a mere child. Carrying herself to the lost girl, she kneeled to her height and placed her hands on her knee caps."You really shouldn't be wondering these woods alone..Things can happen. Where are your parents?"The girl just shrugged.

    Standing up she would scratch the back of her head thinking to herself and she looked around."Well, let's go find them alright?"She took the small girls hand and walked with her at her side. She had worried about people more then normal. Being a big softy she couldn't just turn her back on such a small person.

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