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    Aros, Solomon (human)

    Solomon Aros
    Solomon Aros

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    Aros, Solomon (human)

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    Name: Aros, Solomon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Likes: Dogs, Cherry blossoms, Rice cakes, Saki
    Dislikes: Loud noises, violence
    Personality: Silent. Seems lost in thought often, distant, and cold (This betrays his true nature of being very kind and caring). Short tempered in the face of monotonous tasks and the ignorance of others.
    Appearance: Sky blue hair and deep, emerald green eyes. He is usually seen wearing a hat of some kind. His preference is a sock hat. Solomon wears long sleeves even when the weather is fair. He's only ever seen wearing short sleeves during very hot days. His style of clothing changes often, but the colors are typically low tones, not necessarily black, but always less intense colors.

    Ability: Has no special ability that he is aware of.
    Weapon: Two katana. The first is called "Ai Mugen no Honoo." It rests in a black case with a red bird on it. The blade is brilliant silver with a flame-style design carved into it. This design shimmers in the sunlight. The second is unnamed and is stuck in it's case. The design on the blade is not known to Solomon, as he has never drawn it.
    History: Solomon is a foreigner from a distant country. He was brought to Keisaki Village as a child by his father. Although he asked his father often where he was born, he always told him "Nowhere." Never understanding this cryptic message, he eventually accepted Keisaki as his home. Growing up, his father home schooled him emphasizing the importance of justice, courage, and love in his studies. When he was thirteen, however, him and his father were attacked while walking home from EIjiyo Temple. The robbers took their belongings, but spared their lives. Solomon's father decided it was time to teach his son how to wield a sword. He taught him Bushido, the way of the blade, and on his seventeenth birthday, passed on his treasured possession, his katana: Ai Mugen no Honoo. A year later, he passed away. Solomon was left alone, but was now old enough to make a living on his own. Although Solomon hates violence, he became a samurai to protect the peace of the village he loves.

    One day, when going through his father's possessions, he found a katana in an ivory case. When he tried to draw the sword, it wouldn't come loose, years of rust sealing the sword in the case. Feeling an emotional attachment to it, a remaining memento of his father, he decided to carry it on his belt with his own blade. He refers to is as "shougou iiya," roughly translated to "No Name." He spends most of his time practicing his kendo or drinking saki at the tea house.
    Character Job: Local Samurai

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