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    Solandros Dragonbane.


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    Solandros Dragonbane.

    Post  Handofnod3 on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:33 pm

    me:Dragonbane, Solandros.
    Species: Human
    Likes:Combat, swordplay, militairy tactics, history.
    Dislikes:Cowardise, unthoughtfullness.
    Personality:Does what he considers needs to be done, but keeps personal honour from doing certain stuff.
    Appearance:Short brown hair, blue eyes, about 1,85 meters in length. Weighs aproximatly 90 kilo's.
    Ability: Dragons courage: The dragonbane family has spent generations doing just that, the generations long hunt of dragons has bolstered the the resolve of members of the Dragonbane family so they can take more punishment then normal and are more determined in accomplishing their goals.
    Weapon: Longsword + large steel shield.
    History: Solandros is an officer in the army from a country of the west. (country of choice is Solamnia, dunno if thats ingame here tho) He has been thoroughly drilled in militairy combat and tactics and has a huge name to live up to in his native country. In order to increase his honour and prestige he has traveled towards the east to look for allies for his homeland aswell as challenges to best.
    Character Job: Officer/fighter.

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