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    Anei Misaki

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    Name:Anei Misaki
    Likes:Sakura Trees, Green Tea, and reading
    Dislikes:Perverts, Demons, and bugs.
    Personality:Misaki is a talented young samurai, though not as graceful as most women were. Misaki is considered somewhat of a clumsy girl. Though, often seen as a good natured person, she has somewhat of a bad temper and becomes quite serious when someone is in danger or is being threatened,

    Misaki has short black hair, with bangs that frame her face and bangs which are always messy and in her eyes. Her eyes are the softest color of honey brown, though when angered turn to a deep red color. Misaki's skin is a faint tan color, slightly darker then peach. Her body is athletic and fit from years of training. This left her body slight muscular and stronger then the average woman.

    Ability:Speed and agility, moving quicker then most human beings, this gives her an advantage over her enemies.

    Weapon:Misaki wields a katana by the name of the Kaishita.(Also known as the butterfly Blade.) Slicing through the air with swift silence.

    History: when Misaki was a young child she witnessed her mother and village being slaughtered by a man named Aiden Kaouji. This man had been the most powerful and feared swordsman to walk the earth. Growing hatred towards this man she had become obsessed with finding Aiden and slaughtering him before anyone else suffered. Traveling to visit her Grandfather for special training. Since then she had been training to protect the weak from people like Aiden.

    After Misaki had turned the age of 19, her grandfather handed her the Kaishita. This blade was known for its unique and powerful performance. This blade had been passed down for centuries and to the young girl. After giving her the blade he sent her on her own journey. Since then, Misaki has been looking for Aiden.
    Character Job:Samurai

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